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The FIRST! (Did he just say the first?) The first EVER! (The first ever?!?) The first ever mass (Wait, mass as in like baby Jesus?) Please let me just finish my thought... The first ever mass produced 26" and 700c aluminum bike polo frameset! The Enforcer 13, pronounced one-three, NOT thirteen ya dumb-dumb, is a tough as claws aluminum hardcourt bike polo frameset that is geared at leveling up your riding abilities. This frameset is ~60% lighter than the steel Enforcer BD so you'll be able to whip it easier and extend your energy during those long and hawt summer bike polo tournaments. Shout-out to Donata for the help with the 700c geometry!

Unlike our BD bike polo framesets which are handmade in Peru, the Enforcer 13 framesets are made in China. That is why these are cheaper. Just FYI. 

Enforcer 13 - Down Tube Type - Black.png

Features: ​

  • Made out of heat-treated 6061 aluminum.

  • ~60% lighter than it's steel counterpart.

  • Fits up to 26x1.5 and 700cx25

  • 44/56 tapered head tube.

  • Uses 27.2" seatpost and 32mm collar.

  • Headset needed = ZS44/28.6|ZS56/40

    • Note, this frame comes with a headset! ​

Geo-nardo Dicaprio:



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