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So... I heard people were having a hard time finding 135mm and 120mm rear single speed hubs with 36h...


Thanks to the powers of Alibaba, I'm proud to bring the Free/Freek Hub to the market. 

It is offered in 135mm and 120mm length varieties and offers 36h.

Free/Free threading so you can have all the shin splitting freewheels you need! 

These sealed cartridge bearing badboys offer threaded axle nuts so (hopefully) there will be no slipage on fast breakaways.

TBH, I'm not sure what other info people need for hubs, so keep checking back here for updates as I figure it out. 

If you're rocking a 26" or 650b Enforcer, then you will need a 135mm rear hub. 

If you're slanging a 700c Enforcer, then you will need a 120mm rear hub. 

135mm Hub:

- Flange Diameter - 58mm
- Center to Flange - 39mm

- 299 grams

120mm Hub:
- Flange Diameter - 58mm
- Center to Flange - 28.5mm

- 286 grams

Time to let your Freek/Freek flag fly, starting at $55 shipped in USA and Canada!

Special shoutout to Shawn Hurley for helping me with these hubs. You are the Freek to my Freek <3. 

Freek/Freek Rear Single Speed Hub

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